Cabinetry Literature Downloads

Cabinet inspiration delivered to your laptop.

Looking for some cabinet design inspiration? Cabinetry organization suggestions? Our literature can help you find ideas and products for creating rooms that fit the way you live in the style you love. Simply click on the link to view or download.

Kemper Home Inspiration Guide

Curl up with our dream book that is filled with creative room ideas and loads of inspiration. 

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Emerge™ 2021 Introductions Brochure

Satisfy your craving for color with new finishes from Kemper Emerge™. At once both on-trend and timeless, our new paints and stains are ready to impact your home’s style.

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Emerge™ Series Door Styles & Finishes/Colors

The Emerge Series offers both masterful craftsmanship and handsome color. Build a look that tells your story with Kemper Emerge.

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Choice™ & Echo™ Series Door Styles & Finishes

Use this as a quick guide to the basics, with a straightforward view of our wide selection of cabinetry door styles, materials, and finishes.

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Echo PureStyle Brochure

Stable and durable, on-trend and in demand, find out how PureStyle can offer the durability of laminate and the beauty of paint for your next project.

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