Cabinet Modifications

Have a special need? Kemper's modifications may solve your problem.

From the design of the doors and drawer fronts to the choice of materials, finishes/colors and storage solutions, Kemper delivers just-what-you-wanted results. But sometimes, a little something unique is required – whether to create a signature statement or work around a troubling space limitation. Kemper’s precision engineering can accommodate special cabinet modifications when the situation calls for it. Talk with your designer to explore your options.

Functional Door on End

Accommodate for greater access to your cabinet contents. New functional ends allow for additional end run cabinet storage.

Reduced or Increased Depths

While Kemper’s cabinets come in a standard depth (12” for wall and 24” for base), most of our wall, base or tall cabinets can be increased or decreased in depth by 1” increments.

Material Tray Divider Modification

For convenient vertical storage, material tray dividers are available for use in most wall, base, oven, tall and full height cabinets.